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I love Panama Hats

I love Panama Hats

It all started in 2007 when we lived in Ecuador and fell in love with Ecuadorians & their beautiful craft

Since opening stores in France, Japan, Hawaii & Australia, we have mastered the art of the Panama. Taken this art further than any before us, and incited a global renaissance of Panama hats

If you want a beautiful summer hat, you're in the right place. For expert advice on what will suit you best, just ask.

Panama hat Advice

  • June 16, 2024 Can you fold or roll a Panama?
    Can you fold or roll a Panama?

    Don't be fooled by this old tourist scam - selling rollable Panama hats in little boxes or tubes.. The answer is yes you can roll them, but it will crack and the brim will ripple. Sure they look good in the photos, but in a very short time they will look like crap.

  • April 02, 2024 Why is Panama straw the best for hot weather?
    Why is Panama straw the best for hot weather? The magical straw made from the Toquilla Palm is the sacred plant of the Americas. Astonishingly useful, strong, resilient and completely organic and earth friendly. We love it.
  • April 01, 2024 Ask the Panama Hat Guy
    Ask the Panama Hat Guy
    Sometimes when you are searching for an answer, it is best to ask.
  • April 01, 2024 Why do Panama hats shrink?
    Why do Panama hats shrink? It is common for people to walk into our stores wearing a Panama hat that is too small for them. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it looks funny and blows off in the wind. Unlike shoes, your Panama will shrink, and never stretch without substantial effort.

Truffaux Adventures

  • July 18, 2021 Life in France
    Life in France For seven years Truffaux spent their summers in the South of France, Saint Tropez. It was a beautiful time loving our family, Panama hats and living like locals.
  • July 17, 2021 Chuck the Mannequin
    Chuck the Mannequin I first met Chuck lurking at a street market in the South of France. A very handsome fellow with a joyous smile and mostly armless. He jumped in my backpack and has travelled round the world with us ever since.
  • July 16, 2021 Our Mountain Home
    Our Mountain Home For thirteen years we have chased the sun, having summer in Australia then Europe, Hawaii & Japan for the Northern warm days. Staying in the most beautiful places in the world, living as locals and running our hat stores. But home, is where my heart is.
  • July 07, 2021 Rosie the Photobooth Car
    Rosie the Photobooth Car Some cars are beautiful friends. Rosie, the Nash Metropolitan, was our runabout in Hawaii and she is magical. Everywhere we drive people will wave, smile and laugh - she is driveable joy.


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