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The Rambler

Our famous outdoor hat - similar to the Australian, but a little more refined, softer and easy to wear. The low centre dent crown is relaxed and friendly. The 7cm brim gives full sun cover without getting in the way of day-to-day life. Dyed in a creamy camel colour, with a chocolate leather band it feels refined and nicely dressed without being a western hat. Get outside and explore the world in a beautiful hat.

  • genuine handwoven Panama hat
  • every hat supports traditional Ecuadorian families
  • ecofriendly, organic, biodegradable Toquilla straw
  • 7cm wide brim - brimlock reinforced to hold the perfect shape.
  • durable handwoven Cuenca weave in grade 3.
  • low height (8.5cm) traditional centre dent crown
  • warm creamy camel colour
  • 13mm genuine leather band
  • durable and hard-wearing
  • looks good on men and women

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