Casablanca Fedora (Best Selling) - Truffaux Hatmakers

Best Sellers

Some hats just run out the door. These are your timeless classics and the epitome of Panama hat. If you are a little unsure, these classics make it easy to choose the best hats on earth.
The Kerouac - Truffaux Hatmakers

Exotic Weaves

Complex and unusual weaves are our specialty. They harness the exquisite weaving skills of the Ecuadorians, and move into rich geometrical wonders of creation, Some of these weaves are thousands of years old.
Casablanca Sun Hat - Truffaux Hatmakers

Extra Wide Panama Hats

Sometimes a very wide brim is called for. Whether it is to dress to impress, a big event or protection from the sun. Flowing beautiful lines of hand woven goodness.
The Diamond Fedora - Truffaux Hatmakers

Fino Collection

High grade weaves & collector's pieces for the true hat lover. These hats are all woven by master craftsman in the great Panama hat tradition. There is a vastly greater range of qualities available than we have online. If you require something extraordinary, please contact Oska at and we can help you out.
Casablanca Fedora (Best Selling) - Truffaux Hatmakers

Mens Panama Hats

Nothing makes a man more handsome than a good hat. Walking down the street exuding confidence, practicality and charm. These are the hats that have run out the door year after year across the world.
The New Yorker - Truffaux Hatmakers

Our Favourite Hats

When you work with hats all the time, there are certain ones that become special to you. They are not our best sellers, they are the ones we love the most.
Casablanca Fedora (Best Selling) - Truffaux Hatmakers


Everyone loves a sale. Grab something special, at a very nice price.

Some hats are leftover from last years lines, some we have only a few sizes and some are an old version of an updated classic. 

The Casablanca Trilby - Truffaux Hatmakers

Short brim

When we first started making hats, we loved the short or stingy brims the most. We have the most extensive range of short brims on Earth. They are easier to wear, a little rebellious and light-hearted. If you have a smaller face, they will suit you better.
Casablanca Fedora (Best Selling) - Truffaux Hatmakers


Highlighting the traditional styles of Panama hats. Hats that we have been wearing for hundreds of years. These are timeless sartorial classics.
Wide Brim

Wide Brim

Our wide brims are 6-7cm wide, offering the most popular and practical width of our range. They are elegant, well dressed and classical.
Casablanca Fedora (Best Selling) - Truffaux Hatmakers

Womens Panama Hats

There are few things more beautiful than a woman in a beautiful hat - it frames your whole being, like icing on a cake. Creating intrigue & grace while protecting your skin from aging.