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How to reshape the brim on your Panama hat

How to reshape the brim on your Panama hat


The brim defines the flow of your hat, whether it be flat, snapped, flipped or curled. 

Most of our hats come with a sewn edge around a brimlock wire - this gives the edge stability and a memory to always hold a perfect flowing brim. Other hats can be natural edged, where the straw is woven back into itself to create a finished brim. These hats are more traditional and can require regular maintenance to keep them looking good. When working with a natural edge. be careful not to pull on the edge or you will unravel your hat.

If you are sitting around waiting, it is a lovely practice to take off your hat and run your fingers around the brim. Straightening out any kinks, knocking off any dust and just giving your hat some love. The more you get to know it, the more you will love it, and the more it will love you. 

It is not some plastic device, but a carefully crafted human artwork, made from the Earth. I would even argue that it is a conscious being sitting on top of your head, crowning and protecting you from the elements. I guess it depends on how you see the world.

I like to imagine that if Extradimensional Beings appeared in front of me, I would gift them my hat as an example of the great technology of our planet. Not my phone, or my car or a book.

Something so innately human, it would be a great souvenir for them.

Here is an overview of how you can care for your brim, and make it behave the way you like.

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