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The Cuenca King



I love a beautiful diamond crown. This is my latest refinement of the style - gracious, flowing, powerful and easy to wear. Drawing from the majesty of The King, it varies with a slightly wider brim, and a taller crown to balance it all perfectly. The Cuenca weave is more durable, and smoother to touch.

A magnificent hat for around town, drinking on a verandah, promenading at the beach or walking through an ancient forest. 


  • genuine handwoven Panama hat
  • every hat supports traditional Ecuadorian families
  • eco-friendly, organic, biodegradable Toquilla straw
  • 7cm brim - sewn & wired to always be perfect.
  • handwoven Cuenca weave in grade 3
  • elegant 9cm diamond crown
  • soft natural straw - not white
  • black full bow 33mm grosgrain ribbon
  • truffaux baked enamel badge
  • suits both men and women

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