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Truffaux Philosophy

Truffaux Philosophy


We are the Truffaux. We are changing the world one hat at a time.

What began as a documentary film on Amazonian dream culture, transformed into our passion for this long lost art form. Woven entirely by hand, using ancient craftsmanship and the fruit of our Earth, the Panama hat is extraordinary. It breathes, protects, and gracefully frames you in a halo of golden light.

In the past, your hat was the most important clothing you owned. It spoke of who you are, what you do, where you’re from and your dreams. Today, the language of hats is free from the past, and we are all writing a new story for our lives.

The Truffaux are a family of hatmakers from the cloud forests of Melbourne, Australia. We travel the world seeking the sun, driving old cars, being together and spreading our love. Together we are like a team of superheroes that undertake enormous and seemingly impossible tasks.

Our hats are the result of our genuine desire to make a stranger, more beautiful universe. 

Here is our story.


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