Book an expert online fitting

Book an expert online fitting

Get expert help in choosing the right hat for you.

When buying a hat online, getting professional help makes all the difference. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned collector, it greatly enhances the experience.

When someone walks into my store, I know immediately which hats will work the best for them. Seeing their build, shape face, and dress style, it is self-evident. 

It's the most enjoyable part of being a hatmaker - finding the best hat for each person, and having a good chat about something you love.

Over the past fifteen years, I have fitted more than sixty thousand hats, trained eighty Panama hat experts, and been immersed in the Panama hat world. I know how my hats behave, and the merits and misgivings of every shape, style and colour.

Our complete range is on display in our Melbourne Emporium, and we can walk through the range, showing you the possibilities, and narrowing it down to what will work best.

Then we can get to work and answer any questions you have:

1. What size am I?

2. What hat will suit my face and build?

3. How to wear a Panama hat?

4. What are the different grades and styles available?

5. Do you have any custom hats, and how can I make something unique?

6. Show me the high-end hats we don't have on our website?

7. Explain the differences between this hat and that.



To begin the process, send me an email, and we can book a time and a way to talk (Phone, Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom, Facetime, etc.). It would also be worthwhile to have a look at my article on How to Buy a Panama Hat.

I look forward to helping you out. It doesn't take long and it's always fun.

Warm Regards

Oska Truffaux

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