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Chuck the Mannequin

Chuck the Mannequin

I first met Chuck lurking at a street market in the South of France. A very handsome fellow with a joyous smile and mostly armless. He jumped in my backpack and has travelled round the world with us ever since.

Chuck the Panama hat mannequin

First he graced our store up near the fort in Saint Tropez. Charming passer-bys with his boundless enthusiasm. Next he sailed to Hawaii, and settled into Waikiki, intimidating the Japanese with his boyish charm. 

panama hat mannequins at large

When we opened Ala Moana he took a back seat with Gigi driving. I loaned him my favourite Hawaiian shirt, and he became a local celebrity. Going in parades, appearing at concerts and making strange friends.

Olinda hat shop

Nowadays he lives in our mountain emporium, in Olinda. It's a whole lot chillier but he still likes getting his gear off and embrace the weirdness.

I believe he is a conscious being, and he enjoys the ride and the attention.

Love Truffaux

ps. we often find him in the cupboard in compromising positions with Gabrielle. I guess they do a whole lot of chest rubbing.

panama hat creepy boys


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