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What is your hat size?

What is your hat size?


Shoes and hats have one thing in common - getting your size right makes all the difference. If it is too large, it will flop onto your ears and you look like a child playing dress-ups. Too small and it will hurt you, and will sit on top of your head, making you appear foolish. In both situations, the hat will fly off in any wind and chasing your hat, is downright annoying. 

The only way to work it out is to measure your head, and it is easy.

Place a string or tape measure around your head 1cm above your ears, where you would wear your hat. Measure the length with a ruler. Write it down, and then measure it again. Simple as that.

When ordering your Panama you order a size 1cm larger than your head, to allow for shrinkage. What no-one will tell you is that ALL Panama hats will shrink a little. The hats wick moisture away from your head, evaporating it and cooling you down. When you take your hat off it will dry out, and in the process shrink a little. It may take a year, but it will shrink. For example, if you are a size 59 (L), you will order a size 60 (XL).

If you are particularly sweaty and will be using your hat in harsh tropical environments, adding a little more room is a good idea.

Hat Size           Head Measurement      
Small   54 - 55 cm
Medium   56 - 57 cm
Large   58 - 59 cm
XL   60 - 61 cm
XXL   62 - 63 cm
XXXL   64 - 65 cm

People who are regular hat wearers will know their size. It is also possible to read the size off an old hat, but every manufacturer has a different system, and it can be misleading. If it specifies a measurement (not S-M-L-XL) then it is a good guide (refer to the chart below). So take your time, measure your head and write it down. 

When we receive your order, we will personally follow-up and confirm that we have your sizing right. 99% of the time, it works out perfectly. If your head is a very unusual shape, then we will resolve that before shipping.

Now you are ready to buy a great hat.


If you are still unsure, you can send me an email or book in for an online fitting.


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