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Buying your first hat?

Buying your first hat?

There comes a time in everyone's life when they need a hat. For some people this has been avoided for one reason or another. Maybe they think they don't look good in hats, maybe it feels weird or perhaps it is just some traumatic experience that has kept you away.

Either way, it helps to have someone to talk to when choosing your first hat.

Ask the Panama Hat guy!


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  • Aug 13, 2023

    My doctor has suggested I wear a wide brim hat whilst playing golf ,fishing or on the beach. I like the look of a straw hat but the wear and tear and possible damage from perspiration is a concern. Would love your advice / direction on the ‘type’ of hat and choice of materials
    J Michael Rose
    Truffaux Hatmakers replied:
    HI Jim

    Perspiration is an integral part of wearing a Panama. It is why they work so well. When you sweat, it wicks it away and cools you down – so they are very comfortable. They never smell, get mouldy or decay as a result.

    If you are worried about stains from sunscreen, dirt etc then go for a slightly darker straw. You can also clean them – but it is easier if you just disguise it. Ideally you want a 6.4-7cm brim to be practical outdoors. Have a look at these ones :

    The Rambler – same as the Camel Casablanca but with a nice leather band and slightly wider brim – earthy The Golden Traveller – handsome golden straw with a crochet crown for travel, hard living and durability. Simple leather band gives an outsdoorsy feel. The Australian – classical Australian outdoor hat – firm brim, slightly taller crown and a relaxed outdoor feel – like an old Akubra

    You will enjoy your hat if you get a good one.

    Warm Regards

    Oska Truffaux

    <> <> <>

    — J Michael Rome

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