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We are global hatmakers, specialising in Panama hats. 

*** orders are shipping as usual - with most of the world working well ***

Since COVID hit, international tourism has collapsed and we have condensed our operations into our headquarters in Melbourne. Saint Tropez, Honolulu and Japan wholesale and online are all operating from here.

Our new store opened in Olinda in 2020, and this is our warehouse for international and domestic shipping. We have 4000 hats in stock, with a far greater range than appears online. If you want something special, custom, or unusual please email Oska on

Truffaux Emporium - 1 Olinda-Monbulk Road, Olinda Victoria 3789 Australia. 

Phone : +61 3 9002 0906 or Oska directly on +61 439 369 000

Email : or



As the world begins to expand again, so will we.