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Our Mountain Home

Our Mountain Home

For thirteen years we have chased the sun, having summer in Australia then Europe, Hawaii & Japan for the Northern warm days. Staying in the most beautiful places in the world, living as locals and running our hat stores. But home, is where my heart is - and that's Sherbrooke Forest.

panama hats in sherbrooke forest - taken by a stranger who chased us down and gifted the image

Our home, Merrimu is a simple old log cabin, surrounded by huge gardens, flowing lawns and our beautiful forest. I love the cacophony of kookaburras, cockatoos, magpies, rosellas and lyrebirds digging up our veggies. The mists rolling in, the smell of waterfalls, and sleeping in with the rain echoing on our tin roof.

Forest truffaux and her special makeup

Admittedly it is not the best place in the world to sell Panama hats from. But the COVID has changed our world, so we ship our hats everywhere, from Mozambique to New York. Our Hat Emporium connects us to the larger world, but we are getting itchy feet to travel again.

When all this calms down, I will see you on the road



shebrooke forest oska truffaux the moaning tree




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