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How to care for your Panama Hat

How to care for your Panama Hat

The Panama Hat is a handwoven work of art. Crafted in the homes of Ecuadorian Master Hatmakers, it will last a lifetime if cared for properly. Much like a linen suit, or fine Italian shoes they are made to be worn and will age elegantly producing a patina that tells the story of the places you have been.

Keep it in a box

Avoid storing in direct sunlight, as it will dry out the straw.

Don't leave it in the back of your car - it will dry it out like an oven, shrinking it and making the straw brittle.

Using a box will extend its lifespan enormously - keeping it safe through winter, protecting it from getting squashed and preserving it for future generations. 

Even if your Panama is rollable, never store it rolled up.

If you are wearing it every day, then keep it on a hook.

If it is a fino weave, then store it flat, ideally with the brim up, because they are as soft as cloth and will distort.

Taka Truffaux in Hawaii

Panama hats like a little moisture

When you wear it, it absorbs moisture & stays supple & won't crack

It is porous & absorbs moisture from your head - so sweat is very good for your Panama.

Place your hat in a steamy bathroom or hold it over boiling water to moisten.

The best thing you can do is wear your Panama and get a bit sweaty.

If it gets very wet,  let it dry it on your head, or it will distort. When it is almost dry, sit it on a flat surface with the brim up to settle.

The Truffaux Creme Brulee and hat box

Clean your Panama

Brush it gently to remove dust & dirt

A little mild soap and water for stains.

A white eraser can also remove some stains.

Beware, sunscreen and hair products will leech the colour & stain your hat.

Don't swim in your Panama hat - but my wife does!

Handle it Properly

Never pinch the front of your hat; it will crack the straw. This is the major cause of tragic hat death. Instead, gently grip the top of the hat with an open hand or use the brim.

Wear it - if you take your hat off, it can get lost or crushed. Wearing it also keeps it moist and supple

To tune up the brim, gently sweep your fingers along the brim and slowly reshape it.

Don't leave it in the sun - unless it is on your head.


Sometimes your hat will get damaged, and healing this is easy. The following movies and articles will help:


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