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The Casablanca Trilby

Unbelievably popular, it is the classic soft Panama hat of the last 40 years. Infused with French Rivera styling, this is the quintessential European summer hat. Elegant, flowing, and easy wearing - it sings of linen suits, risqué bikinis and the freedom of warm days. Jaunty, relaxed and easy to wear. When we opened our flagship store in Saint Tropez, it surprised us how popular the Casablanca was with our UK customers. We refined it over the years - lowering its crown, making the brim more resilient and getting the ivory tone just perfect.
  • genuine handwoven Panama hat
  • every hat supports traditional Ecuadorian families
  • ecofriendly, organic, biodegradable Toquilla straw
  • 4.5cm wide brim - brimlock reinforced to hold the perfect shape.
  • handwoven Cuenca weave in grade 3.
  • low set (8.5cm) traditional centre dent crown.
  • soft luminous ivory colour.
  • black full bow grosgrain ribbon
  • truffaux baked enamel badge.

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