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The Australian

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    Growing up in northern Australia, I lived around an abundance of Akubras and Stetsons. Loved the styling, but the idea of wearing a rabbit fur hat in 45 degrees is just insane. They will indeed last forever, but for all those years your head is cooking like a frog in boiling water. Which explains the drinking. So I created the quintessential Australian hat with a wide sunny brim, rich golden brown colour and a leather hatband. One of the reasons Panama hats are so practical is that they breathe. They absorb moisture from your head, wick it into the straw, where it is blown away and cooled by the wind. It cools your head down and dries itself out. Now that is a clever hat. + genuine handwoven Panama hat + every hat supports traditional Ecuadorian families + ecofriendly, organic, biodegradable Toquilla straw + 9cm super-wide brim - brimlock reinforced to hold the perfect shape. + handwoven herringbone Cuenca weave in grade 3. + medium height (9.5cm) traditional western crown + warm golden tan colour + 13mm genuine leather band + durable and hard-wearing + this combination of crown and brim suits most people. If you have a small jaw the Casablanca Fedora would be better.


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    S 6 3/4 54cm
    M 7 56cm
    L 7 1/4 58cm
    XL 7 1/2 60cm
    XXL 7 3/4 62cm
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