Milliner of the Year (2021) - LuxLife Global Excellence Awards MILLINER OF THE YEAR (2021) - LuxLife, Global Excellence Awards


The Ironside

Sporting a rich gunmetal grey, crisp diamond crown, and a smooth flowing snap brim. The Ironside took a long while to get right - capturing the soft, rich grey of old felt hats and offering a complex dark hat to our line. Whenever people come into our store and go straight to this hat, I know they are either from Melbourne, or New York. Chic, simple, rich and warm. A perfect alternative to the less than flattering black hats that men always crave.
  • Genuine handwoven Panama hat
  • every hat sold supports traditional Ecuadorian families
  • 4.5cm brimlock reinforced snap brim
  • grade 2 Cuenca weave
  • black full bow grosgrain ribbon
  • enamel Truffaux insignia (removable)
  • internal hatband of black grosgrain ribbon
  • popup stores in Saint Tropez, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Honolulu