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Truffaux Hatmakers

The Open Crown Panama



In times gone by, most hats were shaped to fit by the wearer. The shape of your crown was a reflection of who you are, what you do and what you want to be. It was a very personal matter, and open to infinite possibilities.

This hat is designed for people who want to create something personal and real. With enough structure and straw to create a custom diamond, mountie, fanny, or anything you like. You simply warm it over steam and form it into your dreams. It can also be worn exactly how it is to great effect.

  • genuine handwoven Panama hat
  • every hat supports traditional Ecuadorian families
  • ecofriendly, organic, biodegradable Toquilla straw
  • 6.5cm wide brim - brimlock reinforced to hold the perfect shape.
  • grade 2 Cuenca weave - refined but practical
  • open crown