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Truffaux - Olinda Hat Shop

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If you want to find a great hat, you have come to the right place.

Fedoras, Panamas, Buckets, Pork Pies, Furs, Caps, Newsboys, Flatcaps, Berets, Western, Outdoors, Waxed, Akubras, Thomas Cook, Stetson, Brixton and our own extraordinary range of hand-woven Panama hats.
The largest and most amazing hat store in Australia. Spread across three shop-fronts and filled to the brim with hat goodness.
The Truffaux are a family of hatmakers who love living in the mountains, making hats and having parties. Since 2008 Truffaux has been headquartered in the Dandenong Ranges, running our warehouse and custom fittings out of the old Sherbrooke Post Office (1895). Opening stores in France, Hawaii & Japan, and travelling extensively throughout the world. In 2019 we came home and opened our iconic Olinda store and it is magnificent.
The original Butchers shop for Olinda (1918) - copper framed windows, original floorboards, secret hanging room underneath and windows that wrap all around it. Beautiful Victorian art! Find us at 1 Olinda-Monbulk Road, Olinda (03) 9006 0906
book hat fitting with the Panama Hat Guy
 Love, hats, and laughter entwined eternally. Endless styles, perfect fits, and feathered fantasies. Mirrors reveal souls, attendants are angelic pros. Timeless explorations, portals to realms unknown. So, wear a crown and strut your heavenly glow, in this store where headwear reigns and halo's just a show!
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We have so many hats that it can be daunting, but with a little help we will guide you through to find your perfect hat, in the perfect size, custom fitted.
Panama hats are what we are famous for across the world. Our international stores only sold Panamas, but now living in the chilly mountains we play across all the beautiful hat options. But if you get us talking about Panamas we will blow your mind.
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Standing in the shop feels like a magical greenhouse where we grow hats
I love hats
Truffaux means true and false, like yin/yang, black/white, good/bad - it is the integration of polarities in a human being. We are Truffaux.
When you choose your perfect hat, then we get to work fitting it exactly, customising the style, then dressing it with ribbons and feathers. Now it is ready to go out into the world crowning your being with grace.
 If you want to meet personally with Oska Truffaux click HERE
Love, The Truffaux.